Thomas Power

Tony Shalhoub, Student and Lifelong Friend

Tony came to USM in the 1970s.  He acted in departmental productions such as Desire Under the Elms and then became involved with Professor Tom Power at the Children’s Theatre of Maine. Tony performed many roles with the touring company including lead role of Ben Tukey in The Burning of Falmouth.

After graduation, Shalhoub attended graduate school at Yale working with the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge before moving to NYC and performing many Broadway roles.  His acting career widened to include a TV role in the popular series Wings and then motion picture roles led to bigger and bigger notoriety until his TV series Monk became an international hit.

Tony never forgot his ties to Maine and USM, returning to perform a role in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s Make Up Your Mind and later to honor USM as the keynote commencement speaker.  Tony continues to be active as an alumni and friend of Professor Power and the USM theatre department. In a recent national campaign honoring celebrities and their teachers, (Teachers Count) Shalhoub chose Power as the teacher most influential in his career. 


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