Thomas Power

"I've spent my career in the performance arts, doing what I love. I think that's all any creative person can ask. Now I'm focused on educating, writing and sharing my experience."



Professor, playwright, director and actor, Thomas A. Power is a senior member of the Department of Theatre at the University of Southern Maine.  Professor Power teaches directing, play writing and acting as well as directing main stage productions each year for the department’s season.  In addition to a career in commercial talent as a voice-over and video actor, his own theatrical play scripts have been widely produced including the award winning Irish musical, Grannia and Children’s Theatre of Maine touring shows.  Power worked with Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and actor Tony Shalhoub in Vonnegut’s play, Make Up Your Mind and was a nationally recognized teacher in the print media campaign to make Teachers Count.  His play writing has been influenced by characters met during his summers spent sailing the coast of Maine as a licensed captain.


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