Scripts by Thomas Power

Scripts by Thomas Power

Original Scripts

Grannia, the Musical

Synopsis: Two babies are born in the British Isles in 1510. One becomes the Queen of England and the other the pirate queen of Connaught.  Fifty years later the two finally meet face to face and conduct a week-long interview that determines whether one of them will live or die.  Based on historical characters and factual events, this musical drama won the Moss Hart Award in 1990. MORE DETAIL HERE

The Burning of Falmouth
Synopsis: Captain Henry Mowatt of HMS Canceaux enters Falmouth harbor (now Portland)  with impossible demands for the revolutionary occupants.  Rejecting his demands and firing on his armada results in an eight hour bombardment leveling the small town and hardening the defiant attitude of New England patriots as the American Revolution begins..


Measure for Measure (The Kingdom of Inch)
Synopsis:  It is time to make sense of the old English King’s system of measurement.  His thumb knuckle represents an inch and his arm a yard.  How silly, how unnecessarily complicated.  Why not use metrics, a much more logical and manageable method?  The King resists!


Robin Hood and the Sheriff
Synopsis:  Greed and bravado rule this adventure with Robin in Sherwood forest.



Wangled Tords
Synopsis: Language is the joke as characters discover the complexity and dual meanings of our twisted words.



Tales of Maine
Synopsis:  A fifty minute and frequently hilarious voyage through 300 years of Maine history!


The Bridge

Synopsis: The only road to the mainland is out due to major reconstruction of the bridge and island folks discover a robbery and a thief with no escape possible.  Set in a small restaurant by the marina and bridge, the thief becomes a romantic attraction for a lonely island waitress who aids in his escape and ultimate recapture.  2007 winner of the Stonnington Opera House one-act play contest.

Small Talk

Synopsis: A twelve year old girl discovers the sometimes harsh realities of life through visits to her grandfather’s study.  This 3 hander is both light hearted and touching. 2007 winner of the Vermont Play Writing Award.